by Balwin Properties
May 01, 2021

Good memories are not always the result of momentous events – a graduation, a 21st birthday, a marriage, the birth of a child. They are often an accumulation of smaller, almost inconsequential moments that merge, overlap and provide a sense of ongoing comfort and well-being.

These are the moments that Balwin lifestyle estate residents experience every day. The aroma and taste of a first cup of coffee while warming to winter’s morning sunlight on a patio or in an open plan lounge, the crunch/crunch of footsteps on pathways between manicured gardens, the smell and texture of clothes and bedding freshly laundered in the estate’s onsite laundromat, the muscle-building resistance of weights in the Lifestyle Centre gym, the deliriously delightful screams of children splashing in the communal swimming pool, the comfortable familiarity of families enjoying a meal in the estate’s restaurant – plus other moments too many to count.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, you’re planning to start a family, starting afresh or heading towards retirement, the memories you’ll make are indelible – they will remain with you forever.

Good, healthy, comfortable memories made in a super-secure community that shares open, communal spaces while enjoying the luxury and privacy of their world-class, ultra-modern, affordable apartments.

We at Balwin invite you to browse our website, experience us on social media and, if you see something that appeals, contact our Development Executive and arrange a visit. Do so today. And make tomorrow’s memories happen.