by Balwin Properties
April 28, 2020

These days, buying a home remotely is more common than you’d think, especially now in a world altered by COVID-19. This new reality has affected how homes are being shown and sold; from cancelled or postponed physical show days to virtual tours superseding person-to-person home walk-throughs.

This reality applies absolutely to purchasing a top-quality Balwin lifestyle estate apartment. Despite the societal and social limitations, purchasing property has never been easier; you can now view, choose, reserve and buy your Balwin apartment ONLINE.


However, as any seasoned investor who has bought the property remotely will tell you, choosing the right property agent is imperative. The excellence of the agent or, in the case of Balwin Properties, the Development Executive, is non-negotiable.


Enquire about the experience. Experience matters and Development Executives who engage often with remote buyers will obviously have a better understanding of how remote buying works. Very importantly, by listening carefully to your requirements, the Development Executive will recommend apartments that satisfy your needs.


Enquire about availability. Balwin’s Development Executives are known to deal with remote investors around the world, often with different time zones. As such, they are accustomed to being available when needed.


Open communication. The more you share your wish list, the more your Development Executive can help you identify the perfect home. The more refined your list, the quicker the home search will go. Stick to the things that really matter; the number of bedrooms, location, proximity to amenities, etc. Leave out minor details that would be easy to update. If there are any features you absolutely could not live with (or without), let him or her know from the outset!


Adapting to change. Right now, we live in a world of uncertainty. But one thing is certain, people’s situations change and as they move through the cycle of life, they will continue to buy and sell property, often remotely. Remote property investing has traditionally been a viable option for second and holiday homes, rentals, and student digs for children attending places of learning far from the parental home; and now, futuristically, in a virus-vulnerable world with its myriad new rules and regulations. The importance of having a property expert who understands these dynamics and who you can trust, cannot be overestimated.