by Balwin Properties
February 01, 2021

February’s the month of love; the right time to go online, swipe right and discover THE ONE. You’ll know it when you see it. And when you do, it’ll take both your breath and your sleep away because, finally, reality will be better than your dreams. You’ll be in love!

This invariably happens when the adventurous romantic in you, seeking a love nest in the ‘new normal’ of 2021, ventures forth into the cyber world of infinite choice, and discovers Balwin Properties!


You click on ‘DEVELOPMENTS’ and a whole new world of opportunities unfolds. You scroll down the list of developments, looking for the perfect match. You want something more than a casual relationship; you’re looking for something great that will last.


Your mental checklist asks, will it suit your healthy lifestyle? Is it conveniently located? Does it have what it takes to make you feel safe and secure? Will it meet your exacting, specific standards of beauty, quality, style and comfort?


Suddenly, there it is! You click on ‘VIEW DEVELOPMENT’ and all your questions are answered. You take a virtual 3D tour of your chosen apartment and you instinctively know; you want it! Smitten, you click on ‘BUY ONLINE’ and, right there and then, you seal the deal.


Alternatively, you would first like to meet face-to-face, to find out whether there’s a spark that will ignite something even more. You contact the Development Executive – the matchmaker – who invites you to a Show Day, or to any other day that suits you.

You visit the development, experience the 24/7, state-of-the-art security, see how your top-quality, ultra-modern apartment flows naturally from the interior to the beautifully manicured exterior where lifestyle becomes a health style. Chances are that your Balwin development has a Lifestyle Centre featuring facilities that include a world-class gym, a large, welcoming communal pool and braai area, a communal bar/lounge, a fabulous family restaurant, a cinema, a relaxing spa, a laundromat, plus much, much more.


So! This February, go to balwin.co.za and make the love connection.