by Balwin Properties
October 28, 2018

Especially if your heart is in the right place. When choosing a home, the most important thing any buyer must consider is location, location, location.

To make sure that the location is right for you and your family, obvious questions are; is the house affordable, does it have an excellent resale value, is it in a good school zone, is it accessible to amenities such as malls and gyms, does it have a view, is it conveniently located in terms of proximity to highways, or, if you’re a frequent flyer, close to the airport?

Additional considerations that prospective buyers should look out for are:

  • Community

    You’ve seen the home of your dreams and you love it. However, does the area lend itself to communal living? Are there safe cycling or jogging/walking tracks where you can exercise? Will you recognise your neighbours, greet them, even strike up friendships? Is your home close to picnic areas and a lifestyle facilities such as braai facilities, restaurants, gym, cinema or swimming pool? Having a community where people connect is not only fun, it results in additional security and fellowship.

  • Being connected.

    Imagine moving in and only then finding out that connectivity is poor or non-existent. Make sure of connectivity beforehand. This is especially relevant if you work from home.

  • Layout, indoor/outdoor living and lighting

    This may seem like no big deal, but not having enough power points can be extremely irritating. Poorly positioned power points make arranging furniture a challenge. If you need more plug-in points, remember to include an electrician’s costs into your budget.

    Does your home lend itself to indoor/outdoor living? Especially if you have children, an open-plan home designed to flow naturally into the garden is a bonus.

    Good interior lighting adds hugely to the comfort and warmth of any home. It needs to serve a purpose. For example, wall lights visually add length to an entryway hall, as well as light the way.

    Natural lighting is also very important. Does your potential home have large windows with lots of sunlight streaming in? A good idea is to place mirrors on walls opposite to windows, so that they reflect daylight and create a brighter, more welcoming home.

These things matter. Together, they determine whether you can turn your investment from a house into a place where memories unite friends and family. In other words, a home where the heart is.