How to make a home

by Balwin Properties
March 04, 2018

Walking into a home and immediately feeling a sense of warmth and welcome is one of life’s great pleasures; especially if it’s your own home. A home you love to visit or live in is invariably welcoming, comfortable, convenient and secure.


First impressions are important. Great lighting, art or a mirror, plus a rug or two in the front entry of your home helps invite the visitor in. And don’t underestimate the pulling-power of an old-fashioned welcome mat! Once inside, mood lighting, things you like to touch – fluffy carpets, textured wall paper, smooth wooden furniture, layered cushions on couches – all combine to give a sense ease and welcome. And keep seating intimate; furniture not too far apart or with too many objects in between.


Whatever the season, every home can benefit from adding a little comfort. Throws are a great way to adjust to seasonal design without fully committing. A cuddly throw over a couch looks and feels great. Why not try hanging curtains all the way across a wall. They will add visual interest, and the bulk of material will create a comfy effect. Display family photos; using them as decor is comforting for you and a conversation-starter for guests. Try adding seating to a bedroom. It gives the bedroom a lounge-like appeal and tempts you to curl up with a book before nodding- off-time.


A place for everything and everything in its place. This simple rule applies to every room in the house, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, this rule also extends to the living areas and bedrooms. Built-in cupboards not only provide great packing space, they enable more living space. In the summer months, winter clothes and extra blankets are packed towards the back or up high; and vice versa during winter.


If you and your family have recently moved into a lifestyle estate with cutting edge security, it’s a good idea to actively get to know your neighbours and become active members of your new community. When people know each other, they can collectively resolve any issues that come up, be they maintenance or security related. However, whether you live in a security complex or a freestanding home, be sure to have household cover to protect your financial well being and belongings in any unexpected event. Better safe than sorry!