Pet-Friendly Apartments are Gaining Popularity in South Africa

by Balwin Properties
April 14, 2022

The home buying process could be a complicated one as it involves a lot of considerations. You want a place that you and your children can call home for many years to come. However, those with furry family members may find that their options are limited when they want to purchase an apartment; as many buildings, traditionally, have been pet-free facilities. Of late, property developers have decided to tap into this market to offer pet-friendly apartment buildings which are a growing global trend.

In South Africa, as in many countries across the world, real estate companies are finding more innovative ways to create pet-friendly apartments that home-seekers can own. To illustrate the importance of our furry friends in our lives and living spaces, American companies have taken this phenomenon further to make restaurants, hotels and retail stores more pet-friendly. South Africa may be lagging on the latter but it is a market leader in the former.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, prospective pet-friendly apartment owners should bear some questions in mind.

Is There a Pet Size or Breed Limit?

Most apartment complexes will have size and breed limitations, depending on the size of the neighbourhood and the behavioural characteristics of individual breeds.

Is There a Designated Pet-Friendly Area?

This doesn’t only apply to dog parks and amenities. Some apartment projects may limit the buildings or floors where pets are permitted to live to minimise noise nuisance or allergy concerns from other tenants.

What Does the Pricing Schedule Entail?

Most complex owners may need a pet deposit in addition to a monthly ‘pet charge’ to protect against any unit damage. There may be extra charges if the neighbourhood offers janitor and other pet-related services.

Is There Any Paperwork Required?

Your pet’s identifying paperwork and past medical records will, probably, be requested. Some apartment buildings will need proof of vaccination or pet insurance.

By following the sage advice discussed above and staying proactive you will avoid any confusion and ensure you fully enjoy the amenities and services your pet-friendly apartment complex has to offer, whether you’re looking for a new place with your present pet or thinking about adding a furry companion to the family.

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