by Balwin Properties
October 01, 2019

Balwin’s lifestyle estate apartments are renowned for design that flows flawlessly from indoors to outdoors, enabling everyone to enjoy the naturally beautiful, landscaped surroundings.

However, the many benefits of living in a Balwin development would mean very little without security. Resident safety is top priority. Besides the valuable security of communal living, where people know their neighbours, every Balwin lifestyle estate is protected by state-of-the- art, 24/7 security systems that are as good as the best anywhere in the world.


The guardhouse has biometric access control and is staffed by highly trained, 24 hour security personnel. Intelligent CCTV cameras cover each Balwin lifestyle estate which is also surrounded by a perimeter wall with electric fencing. Thus residents can enjoy the walking/running trails, picnic areas and sporting facilities with complete peace of mind.


Chances are that, because of the proven, top-class security, residents enjoy better rates on their vehicle and home insurance.


Reason is, if your car is parked in a security estate with guards at the entrance or in a locked garage, it is less likely to be targeted than one on the street. That means the premium for the protected vehicle will be lower than the one which is not. Obviously, the same principle applies to homes in a security estate.