by Balwin Properties
July 31, 2020

Winter 2020 in South Africa is unlike any winter ever experienced. Not because the weather is unduly different, but because we are all experiencing – to a lesser or greater extent – the need to live, work, learn and play from home rather than from workplaces, campuses, sports fields, public playgrounds, etc.

This ‘new normal’ is an opportunity for Balwin development residents across to fully discover and appreciate that their home is in fact a winter wonderland, a super-secure, beautifully designed and appointed communal estate that has everything they require to enjoy quality, healthy lifestyles.


Never has the need to be connected – professionally, academically and personally – been more important. Balwin Fibre ensures that each stunningly designed 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartment has excellent connectivity.

Balwin homes with their large, super-sealed windows and doors, keep the cold out while inviting the warm winter sunlight in. The seamless, open-plan flow from the cutting-edge kitchen, ensures warmth and comfort on cold wintry nights.

And speaking of kitchens, with all their stunning, modern built-in top-quality appliances, they encourage the creation of warm, winter culinary delights. Delicious!


The flow from indoors to outdoors is natural and smooth. Balwin apartments are surrounded by expertly manicured gardens and chill areas. On fresh winter mornings, you can jog yourself warm around the estate and on weekends, dress warmly, pack a basket and enjoy an afternoon with family in your onsite picnic area.


The Lifestyle Centre, with its array of world-class leisure and health facilities, is the estate’s communal core. Here, you can experience the welcoming warmth of superb cuisine in your onsite restaurant, enjoy the Lifestyle Centre’s lounge and fireplace, spoil yourself with an after-workout spa treatment and soon, push yourself to new limits in your fully equipped, state-of-the-art gym.

Whatever your age or stage of life, a Balwin lifestyle estate has everything you need to make the most of life this winter!