Hi, Aweh, Howzit this Heritage Month!

by Balwin Properties
September 01, 2021

At all of Balwin’s many lifestyle estates in MZANZI, diversity of talk and action is celebrated, new traditions are made, and existing traditions are honoured.

Super-secure Balwin lifestyle estates mean different things to different people, but they definitely offer that special something for everyone. The estates are about community and unity. While adults make new friends in the lounges and restaurants of the estates’ Lifestyle Centres, the kiddies make new buddies in the communal play areas, heated swimming pools and sports fields.

Balwin’s lifestyle is a health-style for all, no matter their background or traditions. Whether an early morning jog or walk on the tracks and pathways, yoga in the landscaped gardens, a gym session in the Lifestyle Centres’ Training Science Gyms or impromptu games of football on the sports fields.

Heritage Day (24 September) is also known as National Braai Day which is so easy to celebrate as an old or new tradition on the sunny patios that flow from every beautifully-appointed, cleverly-designed Balwin lifestyle estate apartment.

In a world of never-before-experienced challenges, traditional life in a Balwin lifestyle estate strikes the perfect balance between the safety and comfort of an ultra-modern home and surrounds of timeless convenience. Balwin developments are located near highways and main roads for easy commuting, near to malls, schools, medical care, business hubs, airports and more.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a single professional building your career, a young couple with a family, or retired and downscaling, Balwin lifestyle estates offer you the chance to change your life, invest in your traditions and acquire new ones. Welcome to a secure health-style where you can live your life to the fullest and appreciate the diversity of your neighbours. Yebo-yes. Happy heritage month!