Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Balwin's Western Cape Developments Join Load Curtailment Programmes

by Balwin Properties
April 19, 2024

In a groundbreaking move for sectional title real estate, Balwin Properties has spearheaded the inclusion of two Western Cape developments into the City of Cape Town and Eskom’s Load Curtailment Programmes. Load Curtailment, an innovative alternative to load shedding, empowers residents to take control of their power consumption like never before.


This pioneering initiative sees the lifestyle estates of De Aan-Zicht in Richwood and Greenbay in Gordon's Bay poised to potentially sidestep load shedding disruptions. Through collective efforts to curtail power usage during specified periods, residents could effectively mitigate outages, marking a historic milestone in the realm of sectional title developments.

Steve Brookes, CEO of Balwin commented: “Load Curtailment places the power in residents’ hands as case studies have shown that by reducing power consumption during the various phases of load shedding, outages can be avoided altogether.

Under the programme's guidelines, residents must reduce electricity consumption during designated hours, with reductions ranging from 10% to 20%, contingent upon load shedding conditions. Compliance with these requirements is essential for the estates to maintain their participation in the programme.

De Aan-Zicht, Western Cape

To facilitate seamless monitoring and feedback, Balwin has partnered with, a leading business intelligence and monitoring firm. specialises in empowering large power users with advanced load curtailment programmes, driving impactful energy efficiency at scale.

Balwin’s collaboration with extends to integrating their monitoring system into the lifestyle estates’ online applications, facilitating real-time communication with residents regarding load curtailment conditions and strategies for reducing power usage.

Looking ahead, Balwin remains committed to exploring additional opportunities for Load Curtailment across its developments, underscoring its dedication to sustainability and resident-centric innovation. Through initiatives like these, Balwin continues to redefine the landscape of residential property development, ushering in a new era of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in South Africa.