Welcome to Winter 2022 – Your Season of Limitless Health & Happiness with Balwin

by Balwin Properties
June 01, 2022

Balwin Properties takes your happiness and health seriously. Therefore, we’re building modern homes, world-class Lifestyle Centres, and inclusive communities where you and your loved ones can enjoy a secure, high quality and healthy lifestyle.

They say summer bodies are made in winter, but did you know that winter is the perfect season to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine? According to fitness experts, exercising in cooler temperatures can do wonders for your physical and mental health. The benefits include increased endurance, a stronger immune system, and winter workouts burn more calories and improve your mood.

However, we can totally relate to how hard it is to leave your warm bed for a full-on workout. But consistency is key when it comes to living healthy. Running and walking are the easiest activities to start with and maintain, and at all Balwin Properties developments, healthy living is a breeze.

Our Lifestyle Centres offer world-class outdoor and indoor facilities conveniently located in the estate. The possibilities are endless with facilities like walking and jogging tracks as well as mini-sports fields and soccer fields if team sports are more your vibe. We also have basketball, padel, and squash courts for the fast-paced competitive athlete. If you’re more into putting in hours at the gym, our Lifestyle Centres include gyms, and some are Vitality approved Training Science Gyms with on-site trainers.

After an intense workout, you can treat yourself to a meal at the restaurant, indulge in a spa treatment or lounge in front of the fireplace at your exclusive Lifestyle Centre. After all, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, right?

Invest in a better life with Balwin Properties today. To get you started, here is a basic workout to add to your winter exercise routine. You won’t regret it!

Workout: 3 Exercises, 5 Reps
Time: 15 minutes
1. Push-ups for 45-seconds (15-second rest time)
2. Sit-ups for 45 seconds (15-second rest time)
3. Squats or lunges for 45 seconds (15-second rest time)
Repeat the sets 5 times until you’ve reached your 15-minute workout goal.

Start living a healthy lifestyle with Balwin Properties today. Click here to take a 3D virtual tour of our Green Collection, Classic Collection and Signature Collection of developments and to buy online.