by Balwin Properties
November 01, 2020

Think about it; there’s always one summer that changes you, when your senses are reinvigorated by the quality and uniqueness of what you see, touch, smell, hear and taste. This summer, you’re invited to visit a Balwin lifestyle estate and discover just how much we, in every possible way, will change your life.

Enter a 1,2 or 3 bedroom Balwin lifestyle estate apartment and the world-class quality of the open plan architecture draws your eye from the interior to the beautiful exterior with its natural, flora-rich cavalcade of colour.


Turn to the ultra-modern kitchen with its fitted cupboards, touch the superiority of the of its eco-friendly appliances and imagine the taste and aroma of the gourmet possibilities that such a level of quality presents.


Experience the silence and privacy of the wonderfully inviting bedrooms with their discreet, cavernous cupboard space, the luxury of the the equally modern and welcoming spa-like bathrooms, and the convenience of cutting-edge fibre connectivity and Wi-Fi/DSTV readiness. In fact, Balwin apartments are the perfect place to meditate, workout, or simply enjoy quality time alone or with family and friends.


Ensuring a healthy, secure life that stimulates all your senses is easy at a Balwin lifestyle estate. Every development has been carefully located close to conveniences including highways, malls, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, natural surrounds and so much more.


Now, as we emerge from a locked-down winter into the welcome warmth and freedom of summer, you can breath the fresh morning air while walking or jogging on your estate’s onsite track, or enjoy the sensory stimulation of the many, stunning, world-class health and leisure facilities of your state-of-the-art Lifestyle Centre.


And with each Balwin lifestyle estate being protected by world-class, 24/7 security systems, the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing and safety is the sixth sense you’ll experience when your Development Executive hands you the keys to your very own Balwin lifestyle estate apartment.